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Dec. 24th, 2012


kissmuss kissmuss

Christmas OMG.

This has been a crazy-ass month.  Well, two months.  Meridan lost his job at the Safeway due to it being a bullshit job, then immediately got a new one at the Fred Meyers which he is rocking hardcore.  He gets fantastic discounts... AND THEY HAVE A JEWELRY STORE INSIDE.  He got me a lovely snowflake necklace made from sterling silver and crystal for Hanukkah - I love it.

My job is crap, but that's not news.  Blargh.

I'm hoping to start classes again in the spring.  I only need like 3 more quarters at Evergreen to graduate, so that's what I'll be doing, likely.

Shen and Matt have been here for a week now - we drove down to San Francisco to pick them up.  Because we are crazyballs.  It was fun, though, and now they're here for 2 more weeks!  Yay! 

I have a 3DS now.  It is purple.  Mer gave me Zelda for it and it's owning my soul.

HOBBIT TOMORROW.  And also possibly Les Mis, which maybe we'll see with Matt & Shen in the evening.  I wanna ask her if she wants to do that, but she's at her dad's and she was fucking drunk wayyyy back at 6pm, so I don't even KNOW if she can see by now.  :P

Love to you all.  I hope you're enjoying your holidays as much as I enjoyed my Chrismukkah. 

Sep. 23rd, 2012


holy shit.

My husband makes SIXTEEN DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS an hour.

And his job is full time, 40 hours a week.

We are over the 30K a year bracket on his income alone.

I'm almost entirely sure I've never had this much money in my life.  I don't really know what to do about it.

That's a lie, yes I do.  Imma TREAT MAH SELF.

(If this was Tumblr, there would be a gif of Donna from Parks and Rec here saying Treat Yo Self.  But it is not.  So boo.)

Sep. 5th, 2012


hello, my darlings

What up, Internets?  Aw jeah.

MERIDAN GOT A JOB.  A 40 hour a week full time fancy pants JOB.  JOB JOB JOB.  We called everyone we know already.  BECAUSE JOB.

Also - I got one too!  Not the one with the little girls - I actually ended up taking the one with the two schoolaged boys.  The family is really great, they're going to pay me more, and it's really quite ideal.  They love my education background, which makes me happy.

Oh my god.  Seriously, I don't know how to express how good this feels after waiting an entire year through Meridan's program.  Still, how worth it was that degree?  It took him ONE WEEK after graduating to find a full-time job.  This after just a certification program for a professional job. 

Kay, now I have to go sex up my husband.  FOR GETTING A JOB.

Aug. 26th, 2012



Weird.  Yesterday, I was thinking to myself that I could potentially nanny for some easy money - I did it like 5 years ago for a whole summer and I do have that whole education degree thing.  So, I joined some website (, and today, I sent out a jillion responses to nanny wanted postings. 

I got an email from one an hour ago, and I literally have an interview with them tomorrow afternoon.  WUT. 

It's cause school starts next week and people are hardcore desperate.  Seriously, though, wow.

So, I guess I hope I get that.  Or, I don't know.  I didn't really get any time to think about it properly.  I mean, I DO hope I get it - it's just going to take a minute to adjust to being a nanny all of a sudden if I do.  Especially cause it's a 4 year old and a 4 month old.  But it's only part time at least.

I'm pretty much just babbling at this point.  I hope I haven't gotten myself into something I regret, but we could really use the money. 

Aug. 24th, 2012



It's mah berfday.  WHAT UP BITCHEZ.

Meridan gets off at 5:30 and we're going to dinner.  At Happy Teriyaki, cause that's how we roll.  Hey, our Happy T is really fucking good here, better than any other I've been to, so, you know.

Until then, Imma gonna go and spend a little chunk of birthday money on something random.  Cause I already bought food and gas, so there you go.  RANDOM HAPPY PURCHASE.

Also, not only do we celebrate my birthday tonight, but Meridan got his fancy official license in the mail, making him a nationally certified pharmacy technician.  WHAT UP.  He has half a week more to go on rotations after this, and then he's in the job market.  He already has a Target telling him they want to interview him, so I'm pretty sure this is gonna go relatively quickly.  That's what happens when you get a certified degree in a high-need field.  AMAZING.

And so... now, I'm 30.  I feel no different.  But it's weird. 

Aug. 17th, 2012

who's queen?


Shen's getting married tomorrow.

I wish I could say that as maid of honor, I'm less stressed at this wedding than at my own, but that might not be true.

Still.  Wedding!  I have to keep Shen buzzed until then for stress purposes, so there you go.

Jul. 25th, 2012




Seriously, dudes, I really do update my Tumblr a lot more than my LJ.  I'd super duper hardcore love it if you came and found me over there if you have a Tumblr.  Also, I have a Goodreads that I update pretty damn frequently.  Mkay, PSA over.

So, Meridan is in the middle of clinicals now for his pharmacy tech degree.  He's on his last week at the hospital, and then he goes to the Safeway down the street for his retail stint.  That'll be for all of August, and he then graduates September 1st.  At that point, his license comes whenever the hell the Washington State Board of Whatever gets it sent out, maximum one month.  So we're looking at an employable Meridoobs by October 1st at the latest.  Likely earlier.

BUT.  If he gets hired by a retail place beforehand (like at the Safeway during his clinicals - this happens to most of the kids in the program, apparently), he will be able to work as a pharmacy assistant until his license comes, seeing as how he's already got a pharmacy assistant license.  He'd get paid a lot less, but meh.

The hospital he's at now is actually interested in hiring him as an on-call dude - at least the night staff wants him really badly.  He's not really interested in working there, though - it's not a great hospital, it's a 20 minute drive away (making it a 2 hour bus ride away, yay for our awesome bus system!), and it pays way less than retail. 

But the Safeway where he's headed.... oh, man.  They pay NINETEEN dollars an hour.  NINETEEN.  That is literally $36,000 gross yearly.  My fucking starting salary as a teacher will probably only be about 33 or 34 thousand a year.  And that's after a bachelor's and a one to two year certification program.  God, that's depressing when you write it all out like that.

Considering the fact that Meridan is only 25, he could easily do the tech thing for 5 years, go through pharmacy school, and still be a pharmacist making over 100k a year by 35 years old.  I'm having one of those 'why am I even bothering with teaching WTF' moments now.  It'll pass - I do realize that I need my own career and that I'm not housewife material, and that my salary won't be an issue, it's all about helping the children of tomorrow.  Still... ugh.  Fuck.

It's been a long, hard, shitty year.  I'm not gonna lie to you.  But now is the time where you can see the end of the road, and it looks damn good.

That being said, we are so poor it's crazy.  My dad's helping out so much, but OMG.  I just hope Meridan gets hired by the Safeway, cause it's the easiest and best outcome. 

May. 25th, 2012

haters gotta hate

(no subject)

I need to stop watching Dawson's Creek.  But I'm pretty sure I can't.

Well, call it reliving my teenaged years or something.  I dunno.  Although at the moment I'm mostly reliving my love of Joshua Jackson.  Oh, Pacey, you were so misunderstood.  Fuck that douchebag Dawson, you're my rebel with a cause. 

Watching the Creek is making me need to watch Fringe, however.  I hear it's cool and stuff.  I wish it was on Netflix.  WTF.

I spent the day today hanging out with my little baby nieces, whom I adore.  The littlest is totally my baby kindred spirit - Meridan's mom says she's much like Meridan was as a baby, and I can totally sense that.  I was the only one who could make her smile every time I talked to her.  I am the Baby Whisperer.

My new job is great - but I only have one damn day scheduled next week.  We're low on call volume.  It really sucks - we'll be tight for money, so very tight.  But still, beginning of July, Meridan gets his financial aid, and then there will be extra money in the bank for such times in future.

Rock on.

Apr. 7th, 2012


sakuracon 2012

So.  Sakura-Con.

It's been fun overall.  Even with our leetle amount of money, we've still been enjoying ourselves, despite a few hiccups.  Those include:

- Thursday night, as we arrived at the hotel, some jackass backed into my car while I was on the street waiting for a car to pull out in front of me.  He insisted for a few minutes that the street was one-way and that I'd been going the wrong way, but after it was confirmed by everyone else standing around that he was wrong, he shut up quick.  My poor bumper is dented and broken, and it makes me sad.  :(  Claim is in progress, so there we go.

- Friday, Meridan and I literally spent FIVE hours in line waiting for our tickets.  FIVE.  All standing, no sitting.  My feet are still in pain, and I've had to do the whole con in shifts cause it hurt so badly.  This con needs to sort themselves out when it comes to registration.

However, it's been enjoyable today, with tons and tons of excellent cosplay to see and cute things in the dealer's room.  Tomorrow, when we return, I have to start doing resume and job application shit, so I'm glad I get to do this stuff first.  And now Meridan is taking my bra off and I have no idea why, but at least Shen & Matt are gone so it's not weird.  :P

Mar. 6th, 2012


i got nothing.

 Ah, DW/LJ.  Just because I don't post doesn't mean I'm not around - I STILL haven't decided where to blog for good, so there's that.  Although I like my Tumblr.  

Speaking of Tumblr - my new favorite one ever: Unfuck Your Habitat.  It's unbelievably motivating.  It's also given me less threatening, more forgiving language to use when I'm facing the chaos that is my home - the house is fucked, and I need to unfuck it.  Unfucking is a gradual process, but the best part is that every little bit of unfucking helps.  Also quite motivating for homework, so I hear.  Go check it out!  The person who runs it has the BEST GIFS ever.  And that's saying something on Tumblr.

Meridan and I started watching Supernatural.  Well, I started, he allowed it to distract him from League of Legends, and now he's even more obsessed than I am.  God, I love that show.  The men are pretty, and the gore is gory, and the angels are mostly downright SEXY.  Oh, Castiel.  I heart you.

Suffice to say, our Roku has become our new third partner in the relationship.  And every threesome is better than the last, yo.  Netflix & Hulu for TV shows & movies, Crunchyroll for anime, Pandora for music to clean to, and Plex for watching things off of our computer on the TV with its fancy media server thing.  It's a good thing.  

We're working at Emerald City Comic Con this year.  I wasn't sure if I wanted to attend, but I still wanted to be part of it, so I figured this was a decent idea.  We get in free the whole weekend, and all it requires is a 6 hour shift each day.  No biggie.  I've done worse at other cons and still had to pay to get in!  WTF.

My whole life has become paperwork.  Seriously.  It's a pain in the ass. 

I still miss my mom.  Some days I walk out into the backyard with Meena and I look outside and think, there's no way in hell she's actually dead.  She's just... gone.  Missing.  Absent.  The overpriced box on the dining room bookshelf would beg to differ, but it's still not real to me.  Speaking of boxes, are you aware just how hard it is to decide where to put an urn?  Are you also aware that it's just damn weird to have an urn in the house?  And you have to be reverent, but you don't want to call attention to it too much - it's fucking weird.  Also, I didn't even want the urn.  My stepmom bought it, so I'm using it, but what the hell do I do with it after I scatter her ashes this summer?  Makes no sense!  Why couldn't we just keep the ashes in the box they came in?  Jesus.

Yeah.  Weird.
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